Vietnam: Vietnam and Primary School Enrolment Essay

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3429000706120Vietnam is a long narrow country stretching from China to the Gulf of Thailand. Vietnam is one of the developing countries in the Asia pacific. Approximately 75 percent of Vietnam’s land area has mountains, with only 22 percent available for crops (mostly in the river deltas). The climate is formed by monsoons, which is rain on southern areas in May to September. Vietnam’s economy was impacted from years of fighting. The loss of financial support from the old Soviet Bloc and a rigid, centre roll planed economy created further problems. The economic reforms called Doi Moi that was introduced in 1986 and the lifting if trade bans in 1994 opened up greater opportunities for foreign investment. The Vietnam government is working with its international partners including Australia, on ways to create legal systems and freeing environment, which will improve the activities of the private division (sector). Although the Asian economic crises affected Vietnam, its economy has recovered well and the rate of poverty has refused steadily since 1993. Employment has been more assorted and Vietnam is the world’s third largest exporter of rice, after Thailand and the United States. Vietnam’s oil reserves, estimated at 1.7 billion barrels, are among the largest in the world and production is increasing. While the number of people living in poverty has steadily reduced, many households are still vulnerable.
22860001084580The living conditions Vietnamese live in countryside areas. Their homes are often simple one or two room house of