Vine Talk Essay

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As you know our reading this morning was taken from John 15 which mentions a vine. You may or many not know this but the vine was apparently a powerful symbol, and one with which Jesus’ s disciples could immediately identify with. The vine so symbolic it was used on coins and jars.

I don’t know if you have noticed but John has used quite a few metaphors to describe Jesus, for example he is the bread from heaven and the living water. But the passage we have heard this morning Jesus is described as the vine.

Some of you may already know why he is described in this way but for those who don’t let me explain. Ok So when we think of a vine we may picture a vineyard full of grapes with someone there to tend them and only picking the best grapes to use to make wine. Those that are not good enough are disposed of to make way for the new.

If we apply this theory to our own lives we can see that Jesus is the vine and we are the branches, if we live through him we will live fruitful lives through our gifts and the good works that we do in his name. But if we walk away from Jesus and try to go alone we produce bad fruit and that isn’t helpful to anyone.

How do we bear fruit? Well I have already mentioned about using our gifts and doing good works in his name, but there may be some of us here this morning that feel that they haven’t any gifts. Well if that is you, let me reassure you that if you have a life with Jesus you will have been given many gifts, for example teaching. Teaching isn't always in a classroom, if you have knowledge that you share with others that helps them in their lives then you are teaching. Those of us who lead growth groups and work with children and young people are teachers. Of course Jesus is…