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Thomas Cook
To meet organisational aims
Thomas cook provides short and long haul flights, this allows the company to make profit as the customers don’t have to go to competitors because Thomas cook provides all the services they need, and as their reputation and services standards are high people will come to them and this will contribute to the profit the company makes.
Thomas cook invests in advertisement, they provide offers for their customers, and the services are cheap and affordable this it because they want to promote themselves and attract as much customers as possible to maximise sales revenue. Thomas cook competitively advertises against their rivals.
The company provide high quality customer service to keep customers coming back and attract new customers. There are a lot of companies that provide affordable flights/ holidays the only thing that sets them apart is the quality of the service they provide their customers with and the reputation they have on the market, Thomas cook makes sure their customer are happy and the service they provide is professional and to high standards. They do that to make sure customers come to them rather than competitors.
In order to ‘steal’ customers of their competitors, Thomas cook provides a lot of useful ancillary services such as: holiday insurance, car hire, attraction tickets, airport lounges, airport parking, and hotels. This is to make sure they provide better options, better service overall and is more reliable than any other company, so customers don’t have to use other company’s services, this also contributes to the profit and sales revenue but also increases market share. To ensure compliance with regulation and beyond the company has ATOL policy, this is an Air Travel Organisers Licensing. The purpose of this is to provide refunds to travellers affected by any event which causes the airline to be unable to provide travel for its customers, and to arrange for flights (in addition to accommodation and other items which may be included in a package holiday) to return home those who are still abroad at this time. Thomas cook is also ABTA associated also known as Association of British Travel Agents. This association helps holidaymakers to working to high professional standards and offering choice, value and quality. Bank approved encryption system makes customer feel save using online services and paying for them. It’s crucial for any company to have well trained aircraft staff, to be able to deal with emergencies on board lack of untrained staff on board may result in prosecution, and bad name for the company which can than bring the sales down. Seat bell regulation is also very important, the company may also end up being sued if they do not follow this regulation as in case of any accident seat bells can save many lives. This could badly destroy the company’s reputation and result in decrease in market share.

To provide products and services
Thomas cook provides different kinds of holiday packages such as; all inclusive, last minute, beach, clubbing, self-catering, family, far and away, ski, summer, group, winter 2014/2015, luxury.The company also provides all sorts of accommodation to suit their customers’ needs such as : beach hotels, city hotels, uk hotels, far and away hotels. The customer can also use Thomas cooks transport such as; flights, cruise, Eurostar, car hire. To make sure the company provides all the services their customers may need they have a number of ancillary services some of them include; travel insurance, transfers and travel money. Thomas cook provides a lot of extra services to keep their customers. The only thing that Thomas cook doesn’t do it promote tourism in the UK this is because most of their holiday offers are abroad.
To be responsible to stakeholders (investment in the business)
Thomas cooks key stakeholders include; customers, employees, investors, suppliers, local community, industry,