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Course work two is based on our first project on a futuristic car theme website, but this time we have to create a news page and show how buttons states work. Working with Photoshop and Illustrator I will demonstrate how I have used some tools and ideas on how I created my final module, I also will speak about difficulties encountered at the beginning of the work and changes made from the paper prototype.

Reiterate limiting factors on design
Designing a website we must keep to standard screen limits, because is never known if the consumer is using an older or new screen to view the web therefore standard screen resolution is essential, a website screen resolution goes from 800x 600 to 1024x768. “Screen resolution is a bit of a misnomer, in my opinion. Almost all computer screens display at the equivalent of 72-96 ppi (pixels per inch). But what most people are talking about (at least in my experience) when they refer to screen resolution is actually screen size, or the number of pixels that are displayed on the screen at any one time. Screen size accurately reflects the amount of space that users have on their screens, and consequently how much information they can have displayed at one time.” (Design in theory and practice, Joshua David McClurg-Genevese, 2006, digital web magazine).

Changes to original design
The web design is based on my last coursework prototype however comparing both I would say it has more than a few changes, creating new color skims and table positioning, changes on how the logo displays and calls the human eye to give information as soon as you are in the site, understanding that the simpler we try to reach the user or target group the more easier they see the message, therefore logo, tables and color were all changed. The silver metallic color added to the first piece has gone into a more soft lighter gray; logo went from a car speeding living lines behind turned into a bigger and bold fonts with an abstract car behind.

Tools used
Tools used for this assignment were an ellipse tool, at the adobe illustrator to make objects such as square circles and much more and to change shape and play around I used the mesh tool, to change angles. The grid and guideline tools were very helpful in designing the template as it gave the right measurements of an original site. Also tables were made with the ellipse tool with a gradient from light blue to white to give a calm harmony. I have taken into consideration the skill acquired at the workshop lessons but as I am an individual who like to figure out stuffs by myself I went on and explored the software and made the logo my particular way.

Difficulties encountered
The difficulties encountered in this work relied on what could I add to the page to demonstrate what the site is really about, as I believe it is important to get a glimpse on the content before the user even read about it. Also as mentioned above…