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Why it is great to be Canadian
Canada is among one of the best places to live in for a multitude of reasons, it includes a vast array of animals, there is a mass majority of different landscapes which include rivers, lakes, mountains, tundra’s, and forests. Not only does Canada offer a stunning variety of different sceneries but it also provides many benefits to its citizens. Ultimately, Canada has had very successful achievements in terms of education, life expectancy, national income and general quality of life.
Whether a person has recently immigrated to Canada or has lived here their whole life; reasons as to why the citizens are proud of their country, land and people are extremely evident. Examples listed below prove as to why many Canadian citizens take pride in their country and what makes it so distinct. Multiculturalism: It is one of the true multicultural countries. People from all over the world immigrate to Canada in hopes of escaping war or starting a better life. Society: Canadian citizens are one of the politest and respectful people in comparison to many other countries. Universal health care: Citizens are exposed to free health care that could be taken advantage of in case of accidents that may occur throughout a person’s life. Opportunities to Grow: Canada offers vast opportunities to grow and the job markets are rapidly expanding. There is a job for every one including college students who attempt to make a decent amount of money to provide