war on drugs in america Essay

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War on Drugs in America

Drugs are destroying our country as we know it. Our neighboring country and their people known as the cartel are overpowering our nation’s drug trade. The problems that go along with it are so extreme that we as a nation need to take greater precautions as well as bring it to a stop, but is that possible? The war on drugs has been an epidemic for quite some time, and the seriousness of this epidemic is escalading out of control. The cartels’ violence is an outrage to many. They take what they want, when they want, and how they want it. Their violent tendencies never cease to amaze us. Kelley (2013) stated, that even some U.S. officials have sided with officials to limit violence, which helps them smuggle their drugs in to our country. Seper (2013) confirmed that the cartels’ are known for their violence. They have become a sadistic powerful force to be reckoned with. Worldpress (2006) added that the cartels violence has skyrocketed. They are dangerous with violent tendencies. They will do anything to get their point across. The cartels have harassed and even killed U.S. citizens. There are even advised warnings for our travelers going in to their country. They go to such extremes even their own people take precautions against them. Kelley (2013) expressed from 2010 to 2011 the worldwide seizures of meth grew impeccably. With the U.S. and Mexico combined the rise of meth is ridiculous. The methamphetamine in the U.S. now has become cheaper and more available. The cartel has a large percentage of the meth sold out of America. One of the more available drugs that the cartel controls is the methamphetamine. Methamphetamine in our country is so cheap to manufacture that the cartel controls most of its production in our country. It is such a simple process it makes it easy for these cartels’ to supply our country with the meth.it happens to be a more dangerous drug that is slowly taking over our people and our country. Worldpress (2006) wrote the cartels are in control of all the drugs being brought in to our country, and they are the largest producers of the meth trade, and the second largest heroin suppliers. Which gives them a great advantage over our people? Mexico and their cartels see our nation as a place with nothing but broken homes and families. These thugs thrive on making them more broken with meth giving them more power and strength. Kelley (2013) admitted that the U.S. has an extreme narcotics issue due to the Mexican cartels. These cartels have recruited our countries people to manufacture, smuggle, and manipulate to strengthen their forces, and make us the weaker link. Seper (2013) reported that the cartel is well rounded in all aspects of their operations, which gives them a lot