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The Water Crisis I there are 345 million people without access to clean water and that is just in Africa alone (Courtesy The average American often takes clean water and free time granite and doesn’t think anything about it. While in some third world countries women and children spend countless hours searching for clean water to drink. Lucky for them there are now some water programs to help boost their economy and brings clean to them. Americans should help stop the water crisis because it can prevent deaths due to water-borne diseases, give back time to the community, and can raise the economy in that country and help the community to rely on itself. Just five years ago in children under the age of five; 240 of them die every hour due to diseases that are found in their drinking water. Today that number has dropped to 171 thanks to people donating money to water programs. That is saving 1,656 children every day (Courtesy Water diseases such as E.Coli, Salmonella-typhi, Sehistosoms, and Hepatitis-A are found in this water that people are drinking, bathing, and cleaning with. This is why diseases from unclean water kills more people every year then all forms of violence’s including war. Children are affected the most by these diseases. Diarrhea alone is in the top three of the leading cause of death in children under the age of five. Diarrhea kills more children then AIDS, Measles, and Malaria combined (TheWaterProject). If these people wash their hands after going to the bathroom and before preparing food the number of deaths due to unsanitary conditions can drop by almost half. And if other already stable countries help support these small villages where people are victim to these awful diseases we will be able to save thousands of more people on a daily basis. Women and children in Africa every year spend about 40 billion hours just trying to find water that could or couldn’t be clean. If water programs such as TheWaterProject or LivingWater build a well near one of these small villages that could safe women and children from miles into the unknown in search for a basic necessity of life. This well will not just safe them from the long walk but other things as well; As soon as these women and children leave to find water their chances of being sexually assaulted increases by almost double. With a well closer to the village children will be able to go to school more often. The women will be able to spend the time more efficiently and be more capable of improving the community. These programs also help build adequate latrines. Currently there are 2.5 billion people in the worlds without an adequate bathroom to use (WaterAid). It is important that these people get restrooms, because if they do not access to one the their bodily waste is most likely going to runoff and get in their water source which can led to diseases. These organizations also help set up hand wash stations to help the community learn about good hygiene, which will help them to ensure a longer life. In the world today the are tools which can help provide clean water, shorter distances to travel in order to get water and of course tools that can help hygiene. For instance BBC News did and article on a straw that purifies the water as the person drinks. There is a series of