Water Crisis and Presentation Essay

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Date: September 30, 2012
To: Dr. Lee and Dr. Weinstein
From: Alex McGrew
Re: The speaker gave a solid lecture on the Worldwide Water Crisis
You are receiving this memo because I will be making my recommendation on the presentation about the worldwide water crisis. The speaker did a good job of giving his presentation. The speakers for the FYS presentations are chosen carefully and are meant to help freshman see the importance of heroic leadership. The presentation being discussed was given on Friday September 28, 2012 and was called The Worldwide Water Crisis. The presentation was delivered by Frank Treaster from the University of Miami. This memo will review the presentation according to its strategy, content, organization, technology, and delivery.

The first topic was the strategy of the presentation. The strategy of the presentation was to open the audience up to the problem the world has with clean water. The speaker was effective in using a very informative presentation for the topic about the water crisis. He gave many strong facts such as 800 million people are without safe, clean water in the world to inform the audience about his topic. Another fact was that 2 million people die each year from drinking unclean water. The statistics from the presentation really caught my attention and did a very good job of informing people of the water crisis.

The next topic of evaluation for the presentation is content. The speaker used very effective content in his presentation. A majority of the slideshow depicted the struggles of people from the third world countries to obtain water. These photos had the most impact on the audience because the audience saw firsthand evidence of these terrible problems. He also put in facts about the water crisis such as the ones mentioned in the previous paragraph. The facts along with the pictures made a strong impact on the audience.

Another topic to evaluate was organization. The speaker was very organized for his presentation. His points were very easy to follow because he corresponded his talking points with what was on the screen. He would explain what was happening in the pictures and why it was happening. An example of this would have been a picture of a child filling up a water container in an extremely dirty pond. He said what the potential effects of the dirty water were, such as sickness, and why this was happening. The design of the presentation was very easy to follow for the audience.

The next topic is technology. The speaker was also very strong in his use of technology too. He used PowerPoint to give the presentation which is a very important use of technology while introducing a topic to an audience. PowerPoint makes the speaker easier to follow and gives the audience a visual of what is being discussed. The technology corresponded directly with what the speaker was saying, which created an easier