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University of Phoenix
Online Discussion Forums Manual
UOP Discussion Forums Guide
User Manual
100 Town Square Pl
Jersey City, NJ
Phone 718.123.4567 • Fax 718.234.5678

Table of Contents
Sector 1: Accessing Forums

1. How to Access UOP Discussion forum
1.1. Logging into the University of Phoenix Forums
1.2. Access a Discussion Forum

Sector 2: Navigation 2. Navigating throughout the University of Phoenix Discussion Forums

2.1. The Forums
2.2. Selecting a Forum

Sector 3: Important Components 3. Important Components

Sector 4: Index

Accessing Forums 1.1 Logging into the University of Phoenix Forums

You must login by using a username and password. (Please see EXAMPLE 1 below as a reference)

1.2 Access a Discussion Forum
Once logged in, navigate to the tab and select.
You will now see a “To Do This Week” window. This window includes the “Discussions” menu. (Please see Example 2 below as a reference)

Example 2

Scroll down below this window to see an overview of general forum discussions targeted towards class activity. Congratulations! Welcome to the University of Phoenix Discussion Class Forums. (Please see Example 3 as a reference)

Example 3

2.1 The Forums
The Main Discussion Forums of a Learning Activity (as shown above) contain “smaller” forums within, which are overseen by the professor. (Please see Example 4 along with footnotes proceeding the example) Example 4

1. This indicates the heading of the discussion forum, within the forum; click the heading to expand reading view.
2. This button allows the user to reply towards the expanded message.
3. This symbol indicates that the user is the instructor and is noted by his posts. ( Please see examples throughout above image)
4. Bold headings indicate an unread post.
5. Indicates amount of posts unread by user.
6. Utilize the “flag” symbol to prioritize and bookmark postings.

2.2 Selecting a Forum

In section 2.1, you learned how to utilize and navigate the forum layout. Now you will see how to select a specific discussion forum.

Navigate to Class Home as shown in section 1.2.

Select “Learning Activities” from the “To Do This Week” window. (Please see Example 2 for referencing)
This will bring you to the current