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Our team here at Patton-Fuller community Hospital in this presentation would like to introduce you to our organization we treat all types of health concerns by providing the needs at any stage of life. Our organization requires an individual who can accept the leadership role and understand their accountable to ensure all characteristics of the companies objectives in Human resource. We develop, establish and maintain policies and procedures that ensure success is our goal. Here at Patton-Fuller the importance of Recruitment, retain and employment of a diverse organization with a well-qualified workforce to serve the patients. Our goals are to recruit and retain the best employees that provide growth and create a workplace that is successful for the employee. Provide a safe working environment through OSHA and HIPPA policies. We will introduce the performance appraisal standards the barriers, guidelines, rater errors and bias likes and dislikes of employee’s different political errors and teamwork that affect the performance and the changing roles of the human resources for legislative, marketing and technology Patton-Fuller. (2013).

Slide 2 Performance Appraisal standards
Successful Evaluations

Speaker Notes : Performance appraisal standards are based on different factors also some personal characteristics. Performance appraisals is a meeting with the employee to receive communication, feedback from their performance within a probation period to allow the employer to review and explain any needs of improvements, strengthens and weakness of the employees dependability. Appraisals are motivating positive attitudes and to reinforce and provide training to increase the productivity or correction action’s needs of a successful evaluation Performance Appraisal Guide. (2009).

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Speaker Notes: As the employee, you must gain several things in the workplace but trustworthy is a very important key to the