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Analyzing Beliefs- Homosexuals are Normal People…
There comes a point in everyone’s life when they must take some time to evaluate their lives and beliefs. When I was about to write this essay I got a call from my sister venting about how people judge her and chastise her about being homosexual. I decided that I was going to write my essay on the belief that homosexuals are indeed the same as any other human being, whether they like the same sex or not.
Love is described as an expression of one’s affection. It does not specify that it has to be towards someone of the opposite sex. Love is an awkward emotion. There is no definite meaning. The love shared between two men, or two women is the same shared between a man and a women. When a couple loves each other, it seems logical that the wed, but it is illegal in many states for homosexuals to. I think that is just wrong. All men (and women) are created equal. That is what the constitution states, is it not? I believe so. So why are gay couples not allowed to show their love for one another in a church and take each other’s last names? Because those redneck lawmakers who cannot accept people who are any different than them do not think that they have the same right because they cannot reproduce? Or because being different means that you cannot be accepted in a world that used to be known as a wonderful place to live? Because they were born with the fate to find their only true love in a person of the same sex? No. It is because in a world prided in being unconcerned with people’s differences, whether race, gender, hair color, and sexual preference, we are all prejudice.
Everyone makes his or her judgments. For example, the guy with the glasses is a nerd, the girl who dresses in all black is depressed, and the girl with the short hair and the guy in the tight clothes are homosexual. When you look at the world now, none of these