Week Five Reflection Essay

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Week Five Reflection
Brandie Logsdon
May 12, 2015
Russell Sprinkle
Week Five Reflection
Chapter 13 - Bipolar disorder and personality disorder are associated with a group of disorders known as mood disorders. Bipolar disorder is where a person suffers from repeated episodes of mania and depression simultaneously. Personality disorder is where a person has obstinate, maladaptive personality traits that cause substantial diminishing of social and professional functioning. There does not seem to be much difference between bipolar disorder and personality disorder. When Social Security Administration was determining my disability, they denied me the first time stating that I did not suffer from bipolar but rather suffered from personality disorder.
Chapter 14 - Group therapy is a form of therapy where people get together and openly discuss their personal issues and their goals. Psychodynamic therapy is a much briefer, more direct form of psychoanalysis that focuses more on conscious processes and current problems. Psychotherapy is described as techniques that are utilized to improve psychological functioning and stimulate regulation to life. I tried group therapy once and found that it was not the type of therapy for me. My thoughts were that I was having a hard enough time dealing with my own problems that I did not need to hear other’s and their problems.
Chapter 15 - Social psychology is defined as the scientific study of how people's thoughts, feelings, and