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Video Reflection
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Video Reflection
I found all five of the videos to be very interesting and important this week. With all of them being important, if I had to choose, I would say the least important would have been Crossing the Delaware. I found this one to be the least important because basically it just discussed how George Washington and his Troop crossed a body of water at Christmas. It really did not go much into detail about it other than it was cold and raining. I found the Sons of Liberty video extremely interesting. Until this week when I watched this video I had no idea that during the revolutionary war people were tarred and feathered. I honestly thought this horrible act was done when the blacks were fighting for equal rights. Another point in the video I found interesting was that the printing press was destroyed. I also found the Consideration for Women’s Rights video to be interesting. It is horrible that when she wrote the letter trying to get women to receive rights the letter she got in return was basically laughing at her. It really upsets me how women were treated as lesser humans than men in those days. The video that I found the most interesting of all was George Washington: Hero, President, Father of His Country. I thought this was so interesting because I had no idea that George Washington’s childhood home had been discovered, and only about an hour from my home! Also this video contained so much…