Weight Loss and Person Essay

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A Self Reliant Lifestyle As every New Year approaches, a common New Year’s Resolution pops into a majority of peoples’ minds: I am going to lose weight. Why is our society so consumed with the idea of losing weight? People enjoy the preconceived idea that losing weight makes you healthy, but that is not always the case. There are two ways to go about weight loss: exercising or the dangerous way (diet pills). Advances in weight loss have provided humans with easier ways to shed off extra pounds. People in today’s fast-paced society commonly opt to diet pills, though. However, weight loss is a slow, worthwhile process that involves a combination or eating well and exercising to ensure overall health, and unlike exercise, diet pills do not provide healthy long-term results, help people engage in social interaction, or produce real mental and physical changes. Exercising helps promote a healthy person physically and mentally. Exercise engages various groups of muscles to work while being oxygenated. Over time, a person is able to see the results that his or her body undergoes such as muscle strength, endurance, and oxygen-to-blood supply. In addition, exercise can raise metabolic rate naturally. Diet pills cannot contribute to these results. Also, diet pills claim to have an appetite suppresser. This can help with the loss of weight, but compared to exercising, it will not prepare a person for physical training. Diet pills will only teach someone when they should or shouldn’t eat which may only be temporary. Along with the physical aspects of diet pills and exercising, they do have mental effects. Once a person starts exercising, endorphins are released as a result. Endorphins are neurotransmitters in the brain that can produce a feeling of well-being. It changes how a person views his or her body and makes someone feel as if he or she has truly accomplished something. This simple feeling will lead a person further towards their goal of weight loss and health. Diet pills do not provide this feeling of “accomplishment”. Diet pills have not been known to serve as a mind clarifier of any sort. There is a largely undiscussed social aspect of exercising versus diet pills. Whether a person belongs to a gym, runs on the roads, or works out in his or her own home gym, several social aspects play a role. Exercising gives people a common ground to socialize with. Many people prefer exercise classes: Yoga, Zumba, Pilates, and many more. These classes bring people together to bring themselves into a healthier lifestyle. Exercising makes a person feel comfortable with his or her body in front of others while they are dripping sweat, and along the way, people interact with one another on this common ground to form bonds or friendships. Having an “exercising buddy” can guide a person to a healthy weight loss solution. On the contrary, diet pills are taken by one person. No one around a person is encouraging him or her to do this thing. It’s something that is not deeply thought about; it’s just there, and the pill is swallowed. The diet pill does not lend a hand in the social world. Taking a pill will not help with social interaction and may not produce any change.
Exercising forms long term effects. These long term effect are not the same ones the diet pills will produce. As previously