Western Culture Essay

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think western society is in its golden age. I think this because it has spread to every continent on the face of the planet. Music usually associated with western culture is pop, rock, and my of course country music. Intellectually western society usually offers free public education but colleges normally cost to money attend. You can also acquire a scholarship by other means or receive a grant and study at a college for a reduced price or entirely free. Western medicine can be good and bad. Yes we now have more powerful and concentrated medicines that can help or treat problems but a lot of them have some undesired side effects due to their chemical nature. Also modern western medicine practitioners for some reason underestimate natural medicines when natural medicine should always be considered first before taking a man made substance. In western society politics and economics run hand in hand quite a bit since powerful politicians have a big influence not just in western economy but in world economy but like any other economy western economy is mainly maintained through trade. Most westernized countries carry a form of democracy similar to the one the United States was formed under. Politicians are elected into congress by peoples votes and then after they are elected they can run for higher offices if they wish much like climbing a ladder. Social developments from western society are things like the idea that we all have rights, like a right to free speech, equal…