What Are The Reasons For African Americans Changed During The 1960's

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The 1960's was a tough time for African-Americans. With slavery being long gone by this time, racism was no where near being gone due to the fact that some white people were having a hard time accepting it. It wasn't easy for African-Americans, everyday it was basically the same thing over and over again with being treated like garbage by white people. Half of the population weren't allowed to do a lot that others were allowed to do. For example, the couldn't have certain jobs due to the color of their skin, weren't allowed to stay in nice homes, they were always rundown homes in bad neighborhoods, had to use different water fountains, restrooms, eat at different restaurants, all because of their race and they didn't deserve any of it. It was unfair to all African-Americans and what they had to go through. …show more content…
Martin Luther King Jr. had stated in his speech, most African-Americans weren't allowed to be hired by a company for many reasons so the church had to start pitching in money for those families who did not have a job. It had to have been difficult for them to get through their days, especially since they were not able to support their own families with their own jobs since some of the jobs they did get didn't offer much for pay. The lack of hiring an African-American during this time was common but that doesn't mean to not hire one due the color of their skin, they are citizens just like everyone else in the country so they deserve the same treatment. They want to do what everyone was doing and that was supporting their loved ones and themselves but it made it harder due to the situation they were