What Is Ego? Essay

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Joanne Svendsen
Dr. Thomas
English 100; TTR, 10:30-12:35
11 April 2013
Purpose: To critique the class and how it has been so far.
Thesis: It has been slightly difficult to adjust to the class format for different reasons, but it has not been impossible.
Audience: Dr. Thomas
Class Critique It is always difficult to start a new course, even more so when your actual professor suffers an accident and cannot attend class for a while. For me, it has been difficult, but not impossible, to adjust to the class structure. This is because of many different factors, including things like Connect, the different teachers, and my classmates. Although it has been difficult to adjust, I do not believe that the adjustment was difficult enough that it could not be done. The thing I found most difficult was Connect. This is because of the fact that I have never used anything like this software before. Even though the actual technology part of it was not difficult to figure out, it was hard to keep up and remember when the different homework and quizzes were due, and when they became available. It is understandable that the other professors did not know or understand the procedures of the software. There were other times that the professors were not even covering the same chapters as the students. This brings me to the point that the professors would be lost at times. I remember that several times the professors would ask “well, what does Dr. Thomas usually do?” or “I think that you should ask Dr. Thomas that.” I do not think it is their fault because if I had to teach someone else’s class I think I would be incredibly lost and befuddled. Even though some times were more difficult than others, they tried their best to adjust to our class and to its’ structure. Other than the class structure I think being with students that are not really in their class is difficult to deal with. Finally, I personally believe that my classmates have