What Is Jealousy In The Crucible

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The Crucible: Analytical Essay
Arthur Miller developed many themes in his play The Crucible, revealing them through conflicts between characters, Perhaps the most prominent theme was jealousy and its connection to the conflict between Abigail and Elizabeth. Because jealousy draws the darkness out of individuals, Abigail made it her personal mission to obliterate the Proctors’ marriage and went as far as trying to end Elizabeth’s life.
To begin with, Abigail was a servant who developed romantic feelings for Mr. Proctor. In order to become John’s new consort, Abigail resolves that she has to eliminate his current spouse: Elizabeth. The envy of Abigail makes her create undesirable conflicts with Elizabeth, and were indeed personal. Abigail used a poppet doll Mary
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The town of Salem suffered because of one girl’s wretched envy. While Abigail’s plan was innocent in the beginning, it took a twisted turn and turned into something evil. Earlier in the play, Abigail drank a charm “to [try and] kill John Proctor’s wife,” foreshadowing the lengths she would go (Miller 148). Citizens of Salem lost their lives because of Abigail, all because she wanted Elizabeth gone. The Crucible revealed how one person’s jealousy can lead to the destruction of many because it reels out their true desperation.
In summary, The Crucible exposes the theme of envy and conflict through its characters. Abigail and Elizabeth display this connection, by showing the lengths Abigail was willing to go due to envy. Abigail Williams managed to manipulate the court, John Proctor, and unfortunately, kill innocent people. Arthur Miller displayed evil actions sometimes derives from certain emotions and presents it between Elizabeth and Abigail. Abigail’s pure bitterness of Mrs. Proctor created an wretched woman, and managed to not only eliminate trust in Salem, but civilian