Examples Of Lies In The Crucible

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Jealousy and Lies
Arthur Miller was a prolific American playwright, and prominent figure in twentieth- century American theatre. Growing up in Harlem, New York Arthur Miller would go on to write many famous novels. Arguably his most famous writing was The Crucible. The biggest conflict in The Crucible was the girls of Salem lying about seeing the devil. This would affect John,
Elizabeth, and many others suffered from these lies.
First the lying would start as “Abigail were stabbed tonight; a needle were found stuck into her belly…” (Miller 176). Abigail stabbed herself because of the jealousy she has towards
Elizabeth. This would spark the beginning of Elizabeth and John being accused of seeing the devil. As of the act of jealousy Elizabeth
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As John tries to convince people of the court that the girls are lying,
Abigail starts feeling nervous and starts to lie once more. “Oh Mary, this is a black art to change your shape. No I cannot, I cannot stop my mouth; it’s god’s work I do...” (Miller 195). As a result of the lying all the court starts believing that Mary is with the devil. This conflict starts the fall of Salem and as the trial continues it will only go more downhill for John.

As the girls try to scare and intimidate Mary into starting to lie again she falls under the pressure “my name, he wants my name; I’ll murder you, he says, if my wife hangs! We must go and overthrow the courts, he says..!” (Miller 198). At the beginning of the trial Mary was trying to convince others that the girls were lying. As the girls started lying the pressure got to Mary making her turn on John and continuing the ongoing lie. The cause of this made Salem hate John and ruined all the chances he had at getting Elizabeth out of jail. Eventually John and Elizabeth wouldn’t fall under the pressure and push through with what they knew was right but would end up being hanged for their