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Love is a strong sensation aroused by emotions beyond definition, explanation, or even description.When a man lays his intentions towards a woman's destination, it could lead to an escalation of a relationship but if not properly handled it may lead to the conclusion of the adulation between the both of themIn my opinion, Love can't be described in words. But Love is what makes you happy. It's what gives power for you. Whenever you see the person you love, you would just feel very happy. Only if you're willing to lose your life will you find it.

A seed must die to become a tree.

We are living in the most privileged time in all history, and yet people are discontent. Why? Many reasons, but at the root is ungratefulness.

In war, people are concerned and grateful for a bowl of soup and a safe place to sleep. They SEE what has true value. And it's not our addiction to comfort and overindulgence. If you think you're 'special' you'll go through life with a feeling of entitlement.... always feeling slighted if people don't 'get' how special you are. No one... no one... is special. Give up the things you have that weigh you down, so that others may have a bowl of soup and a safe place to sleep. And then your own sleep will be sweet.
If you can have any of these things then you already know what heaven is like even if there is no such thing as an afterlife:

The mystery and awe of life. You never know what might happen next.
The beautiful acts of kindness that let you