What Is Religion Essay

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“Supposing there is no life everlasting. Think what it means if death is really the end of all things. They've given up all for nothing.”

In my opinion, this quote questions what the world would be like if there was no such thing as religion. If people were just born, existed, and died with no real motivation for living each day. So much of our world is surrounded by religion, which is both a positive and negative; for example, without religion, there would be no people such as Mother Theresa who spread so much goodness, and truly touched every person she met. But much of the conflict that has happened throughout the world, and continues today especially in the Middle East, is based around strong religious conflict, and beliefs. The Japanese kamikaze pilots who drove their planes into Pearl Harbor, were religious extremists, also the terrorists that caused 9/11 just 11 years ago, were religious extremists and the core reason of conflict between Israel and Pakistan now, is over religious holy ground. All of these both good and bad aspects of our current world are caused by religion, but what this quote really makes me question is, imagine a world without religion? All of the positive and negative factors surrounding it, what if religion never existed? I think our world would be deprived of much of what it has today, religion keeps people grounded, has them believe in a higher being, an ideal, something intangible from earth and in most religions a place to go after death,