what is the collagen for people? Essay examples

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what is the collagen for people?

To day I want to talk about what is the collagen for people. Collagen is under the skin that holds a protein located . When you get the age the protein breaks down then base to become wrinkling and weaker your skin.
The collagen is the main fibrous component of bone, skin and periodontium. First, I will talk about collagen structure?
All collagens are composed of 3 polypeptide alpha chains coiled around each other the tripe helix configuration.
The group of proteins collagens contain a number of characteristic features that distinguish from matrix molecules. http://www.medical-artist.com/cellular-illustrations.html# Secondly, what collagen relationship with structure and function.

Collagen of tendons – forms highly asymmetric structures of high tensile strength

Skin collagen – forms loosely woven, flexible fibers

Collagen of hard regions of teeth & bone – contains hydroxyapatite, a calcium phosphate polymer Collagen in the cornea – nearly crystalline, transparent.

Thirdly, what does collagen do?
(benefits and side effects )

The Collagen is help for skin health by Source of http://aminocollagen.com/collagen-benefits-side-effects.html said “The skin is the body's largest organ, and is responsible for sensation of temperature, pressure, and multiple other important functions. Collagen makes up the majority amount of the skin structure.” As the skin undergoes natural chronological aging and is attacked through photoaging, the natural skin structure begins to deteriorate. Fortunately, lost body collagen stores can be effectively replaced through supplements. Here we will review the benefits and side effects of these supplements.

- Side effects :

1. Lingering taste in the mouth for small percentage

2. The allergic reaction(bovine, porcine, fish, shellfish)

3. Decrease appetite.

- Benefits :

1. Improved skin texture and reduction in wrinkles.

2. Lighter and brighter skin

3. Skin more hydration

Finally, I want to talk about why take the collagen to people.
When we get age the collagen begins slow down then cell structures are losing the