What It Like To Be Black In The Criminal Justice System Summary

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African Americans throughout history have gone through many hardships against the United States’ Criminal Justice System. These people were often seen as threats primarily by the majority group, the whites. The average African charge had a larger severity than to those of lighter skin. To be fair, saying that historically, the Criminal System favors others over the Blacks wouldn’t be true. One could find many arguments that would favor both sides. In the past (and possibly present), Africans were seen as more distrustful than lighter-skinned people. Stated in the article “What It’s Like to Be Black in the Criminal Justice System”, police would frequently search their vehicles for anything, even if they weren’t doing anything suspicious. Also stated in the same article, prosecutors would twice as likely to file charges against blacks that have mandatory minimum sentences than those of white ethnicity. Although, the article by Heather Mac Donald states that the blacks’ stronger charges are due to their higher offenses and criminal records. Their actions do speak for how they are treated. According to “What It’s Like to Be Black in the Criminal Justice System” article, blacks are treated more severely than other races for the same crime. One could argue that the sentences are plausible, …show more content…
The article, “What It’s Like to Be Black in the Criminal Justice System”, states that there is twice as much as blacks being arrested on drug charges compared to whites even though the usage between the two is about the same. In a Rhode Island study, black drivers were shown to be stopped and even checked by police even if they were less likely to receive citations.In the article by Donald however, according to prior records of the defendant's, chances are that they did the same crime before, or at least done a crime. Whether these arrest records are solely based on bias or just a coincidence is open to