Who Is The Protagonist In The Great Gatsby

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The character Gatsby from The Great Gatsby, is an example of the American Dream, which was an important and key role in the way America was transforming at the time. Throughout the novel Fitzgerald uses a protagonist view to explain the main goal of the dream and its decline. Gatsby was a believer in this dream and stretched for a “green light”, but Fitzgerald really dresses addressed the loss of social and moral values. At the end of the novel, the last quote shows Fitzgerald’s thoughts about the American Dream progress, showing that he himself thinks the point of the dream is pointless and not going to last forever. Nick is a reliable narrator because he experienced the events in the story. Throughout the novel, Nick doesn't change himself to his surrounding area. He believes everything in the “big city” is wrong and evil; it is unlike the MidWest …show more content…
Both men are wealthy, but Tom’s figure and character represent corruption from wealth and bad moral decisions. Gatsby’s character, however, inhabits in the morals and humanity of men while still obtaining and enjoying wealth. Gatsby holds out for his love, and hopes one day he would be lucky enough to receive that love from one person only. He spends his money not just in a foolish way but in a hoping and charismatic way. Tom, takes advantage of that love for someone else, spending his money foolishly without care of what Daisy or anyone else believes. Tom lives in deceitfulness and lies, while Gatsby tries to achieve something. Tom and Gatsby do however have some traits and livelihood styles in common. Both men, are not as educated as she would think. Gatsby and Tom both give off the controlling personalities by doing things and being in situations they are in charge of, such as Gatsby’s parties and Tom’s affair as well as telling Nick to come along with him everywhere. Both men also never accept the feeling of defeat and