Who Was Adolf Hitler Responsible For The Holocaust

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Who was Adolf Hitler? Adolf Hitler was a young Austrian boy born on April 20th, 1889 in Braunau am in, Austria. Adolf Hitler was brought into the world by his parents Klara Hitler and Alois Hitler. Adolf Hitler had five siblings. He was the leader of the Nazi party and the man responsible for the Holocaust. To sum, he is responsible for the death of millions of innocent people because of the Holocaust, but others like to debate he did not kill a single person.
To understand how and why Hitler did what he did you must first understand his upbringing. First of all his father Alois was abusive and had a terrible temper problem which most of the time he took out on his children. His mother on the other hand was not abusive she was the opposite of Alois, but like most women in this time period had no say so inside their own households. During his early adult hood Adolf suffered the loss of his mother Karla due to breast cancer. The loss of his mother effected Adolf tremendously.
In his younger year Adolf Hitler was looked upon by his teachers as a great student. As he got older his home life made it difficult for him to maintain good grades. At one point in his academic career school became so difficult for Adolf that he dropped
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He took on the job of being a message carrier which at this time was a very dangerous job. But Hitler being so messed up in the head from his earlier years seemed to like the thought of danger and soon gained a good reputation from his fellow soldiers as being courageous. They looked upon Hitler as being very brave and did the things that everyone else was scared to do. So for his acts of bravery was rewarded the Iron Cross first class, which was a big deal because this honor was not normally given out to enlisted men. According to the history books Hitler referred to this time of his life as "The Greatest and most