Adolf Hitler Essay

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Adolf Hitler: Violent Leader with a Remarkable Legacy Adolf Hitler, also known as Der Fuehrer, responsible for World War II and killing about eleven million Jews in the Holocaust, was one of the most violent and powerful leaders to ever live. But is he still considered a great leader despite his damaging actions? When joining the Nazi Party, Hitler saw the perfect opportunity to take over. Despite the many who disagreed with his personal drive, there were others who felt Hitler would pose as a great leader to draw attention from the public. Even though there were some who didn’t agree with his intentions, they granted Hitler with full leadership when he threatened to resign in 1921. They all knew they needed Hitler’s expertise to succeed. Throughout Hitler’s leadership, he made his own vision that the Aryan race was superior and above all. Hitler eventually got the Nazi Party to enforce what he believed in which resulted in kicking the Jews out of Germany and killing them by all means necessary. There are many definitions that label Hitler as a leader, but then again there are many definitions that say otherwise from his lacking in respectful morals and his relationship with the people, his followers. He was focused on complete personal control over everyone and took on other positions that would give Hitler more authority, basically making him even more powerful. However, taking on positions for more power rather than to benefit the party was extremely dangerous. Hitler harmed his party by making the decision to assume all the positions of power he took on. Adolf Hitler was a