Who's Reality Essay

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Prompt 1: Truth is an illusion.
Sam: Mum, I’m stuck on my homework, I was wondering if you could help me out.
Mum: Yes sweetheart, what do you need help with?
Sam: Well, my English assignment is to discuss the concept of truth and how it alters the way we see things. I don’t understand…
Mum: Well, how would you define truth?
Sam: Well, truth is something that we can see, something we believe is right. We can all see our own truth, because it’s right, .
Mum: Well it can also be wrong, it can be both good and bad.
Sam: What do you mean?
Mum: To us yes, we see the truth as the right thing. But the thing is, truth can be an illusion to us, making us believe in the reality we want instead of the real ‘true’ reality. Our individual idea of the truth is altered by the way and the things we remember. Humans naturally try to understand the truth, but this is never fully achieved because everyone’s belief is altered.
For example, do you remember the story about the children who thought one of their mothers was a German spy in World War II?
Sammy: Yes, what about it?
Mum: Well think about it, Stephen and Keith had their own version of the truth, their own reality. They were turning the smallest things about Keith’s mum into an exciting story for their own enjoyment. Like I said before, it can be both good and bad. In Spies, they were so determined to discover what they thought was the truth about Mrs Hayward, that she was a spy, it had gotten to the point where