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November 2013
Assignment #2

Not too long ago I was in my Eng class, and my Professor had given us a paper written by Judy Brady called “Why I Want A Wife.” In this paper Judy was quite funny especially with her with her sarcasm. Well this is my version “Why I Want A Husband. I would start from the beginning but rather begin from the present and current state. I attended high school in the Bronx, did all for years there. Not shortly after graduating began attend DeVry College. I classify myself simply as someone’s future husband, Yet I am a son. So now that we are well acquainted let’s begin, Why Do I Want Husband? Multiple reasons honestly, in fact I’d like to have a husband who can cook while I’m on way towards home, and once arrived for my plate to be served. I want a husband to sit and chat with me after a long day of work and ask me “how was your day” making the negative parts of my day seem positive. I want a husband to pick me up from work on time, take me out to eat not each and every time but at least sometimes. I want a husband to help me with my homework whenever I struggle. I want a husband to care for my children, not be so focused on work. Take them to the park, get to know them not just as his kids but also befriend them. I want a husband to bring me presents randomly, it can be as simple as flowers or a simple little rose although considered simple, to me it will define a million words. I want a husband who’s will stick with through the thick and thin. Even when I’m placed in a corner to fully support me, rather than ask me what’s my next move. I want a husband who will satisfy me sexually to his full extent, not just please himself and check me off his check list, to simply satisfy his need and go back to watching Television or play games even go as far as cuddling with me and falling asleep with me in the process. I want husband to allow me my freedom, so when i’m out with my friends my phone does not need to light up with his name showing up, unless important of course. I want a husband who will not annoy me with the simplest argument, just mouthing off to mouth of as if he does not know when enough is enough. I want a husband who will not bring will not speak of our problems in front of people or when in public. I want husband that is faithful to depend on me on whatever he needs, to not make me question my position in his life. I want a husband who’s able to clean up after himself, after having a little get together with his friends or having a few people to watch football game.I want a husband who will take care of chores when i’m unable to do so. To sort the clothes, wash them and after being washed to have them dry and