Whole Foods Market: Business Strategy

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Whole Foods Market: Business Strategy

Generic Strategy Positioning: Differentiation-Based, Broad in Product Scope

Core Values/Core Strategy/Overall Strategy:

• Sell the highest quality natural and organic products available
• Satisfy and delight customers. Offer customers great value.
• Support team member excellence and happiness
• Care about communities and the environment
• Build a high reputation for the company
• Create wealth through profits and growth

Detailed Strategy: Areas, Elements, Tactics

Area: Product and standards

Element: Provide the highest quality natural and organic foods

Tactic: Offer “first-rate healthy food in a variety…”

Tactic: Serve as a representative on the National Organic Standards Board

Tactic: Serve on the USDA Advisory Committee on Agricultural Biotech.

Element: Provide fresh perishable foods

Tactic: Offer a wide variety of salad items, prepared fresh everyday

Tactic: Offer fresh-baked individual pastries

Area: Market/Customers

Element: Educate customers about natural and organic healthy foods

Tactic: Become a promoter of organic foods

Element: Target health-conscious and environment-conscious market segment

Tactic: Appeal to this segment in all aspects of the business: sales to CSR

Area: Suppliers

Element: Maintain a network of high-quality organic and natural foods suppliers

Tactic: Select high-quality suppliers, preferably local growers of produce

Area: Organization, People

Element: Build a culture of empowered employees

Tactic: Create self-directed teams

Area: Finance

Element: Finance appropriately at different stages of the business

Tactic: Initially finance with personal and family funds

Tactic: Then finance through