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Outline: use the new media to diversify art--take advantage of the effect of art
The requirement of new media artist is more than painting
Insist on the idea of art--freedom
Loading with my belief of art, new media can broaden my view, making it fly higher.

With the development of varieties of media, it is pleasure for artists to express their ideas via diversified media channels. Recently, 3D art exhibition attracts crowded of people to take attention on new method of art creation. Thanks for the booming technology, media can always come with the word “new”. Thanks for art, distanced technology is given breath. Why I am keen on new media? Facing the trend of modern world, I would like to be in chance of expressing my notion by new media, learning technique of being a modern artist, and aspiring the real freedom on creation.
New media is powered by no information boundary, message can be switched among sort of medias without limited capability. In this case, the influence power of media is beyond imagination. One of my ideal goal to be a new media artist is that I can combine the technology with my awareness to communicate with public. 50 years ago, artists use their paintings to express emotion. 50 years passed, use new media as carriers, I can share my awareness, my advocation to public within a minute. Art is no longer mute, no longer in a single planar. Vivid change of color lives in a perfect art space, in a completed fictional world with the consciousness. Art can be a action, bringing people into the art world, using new art technology. I believe new media art can not only carries my word, but also spreads it.
Facing the change of way of interactivity, the new requirement of artists is more than painting,. Digital generation offers artists opportunities and challenges at the same time. Although what media artist chooses to cerate work depends on artists’consciousness, skilled PC operation is essential. I am more than willing to receive any kind of new technology as carriers of my creation. There is a worth noticing controversial point that new technology totally removes the traditional shape of art creation. My point of view is opposite. What art is art is because there is no fixed shape of what art should be like. Art is purely the expression of artists’ consciousness. That is why new media can be so popular in terms of art.
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