Why Did America Join World War I?

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World War I took place during 1914 to 1918; affecting people’s lives all over the world. The United States was considered a neutral country and did not enter the war until 1917 when they declared war on Germany. Many historians are under the impression that America entered the war because German submarines sunk the Lusitania on the coast of Ireland. In reality America entered the war for several reasons: 1) German proceeded to allow unrestricted submarine warfare 2) Zimmerman telegram 3) Woodrow Wilson wanted to fight to make the democracy better. America underwent major transformation when the war began in 1914. Industries began to produce mass production of weapons, which was sent to other countries to along with money. It also became a controlled economy where transportation, industries, labor, and agricultural was regulated by quotas, setting of prices, and rationing of coal and oil. Individuals were even controlled mentally through propaganda that supported the war. Some of the propaganda …show more content…
The other two reasons include the Zimmerman telegram, and Wilson’s fight for democracy. Both materials also talked about the role of women increasing in society by them getting positions in political offices, and in factories, but by 1919 a majority of those jobs were disappearing due to men coming back from war and needed stable jobs. The video went in depth about the different strategies they took to keep the American society under control with some of the laws they enacted. Individuals were not allowed to talk against the war and if they did then they were breaking laws and could receive imprisonment. Some of the laws include Sedition Act and the Espionage Act, which did not allow people to negatively express their opinions on government or on the war