Why Do Soccer Players Get Paid?

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Soccer players are one of the highest paid athletes in the world. Roughly 2.6 billion people play soccer so it is by far the most popular sport. Today people do not even think about the player's salaries. It seems normal that they make millions of money every year. But is that fair? Is their profession so important for the society? Like for example a firefighter who risks his own life to save other ones, doesn’t get paid nearly as much. And a lot of critics claim, that they made their hobby as their profession. Or think about a state president, who leads a whole country and is the most important person in that country. But their salaries are still by far not as high as soccer player ones. Lionel Messi’s salary is 190 times as high, as David Cameron, who manages the whole of the UK. You could think about where …show more content…
Every day more than 2 practices. They have to travel for every game long distances. They see their families rarely and do not have time to go on vacation. As you think they would get off during summer, there is the W.C. or EURO. And athletes like soccer players are not just sport celebrities, but also entertainers. Every weekend, millions of people watch the Bundesliga or other super leagues in Europe. European soccer is followed all over the world. A single soccer game broadcasts in more than 200 different countries. That is, almost every country in the world. And compare the World Cup final with the Super Bowl. The last World cup final 2014 in Brazil was watched by 3.2 billion people, where the Super Bowl was watched by only 115 million people. But take a look at actors like Leonardo DI Caprio, who earned $77million last year. Now you could say he earned all this money for only 6 hours of movie. While Rooney provided United fans with about 66 hours of entertainment last year. That means it is not only soccer, where players earn such huge amounts of money. It is everywhere like this