Why Equality In The Workplace Between Men And Women Is Important Essay

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Why equality in the workplace between men and women is important? For so many obvious reasons, equality between sexes is highly important for the world to function well. People are constantly arguing about capabilities and relationships between men and women. Some people think that men and women are equally appropriate for any kind of work. Another opinion is that men and women have different natural abilities that make them suitable for different types of work. It is believed that women are good housewives and men should be able to do business and make money. It is true that most men in the world are bigger and sturdier than women. This is the main reason why gender inequality surfaces. When one sex thinks that his power or position is much better than the other, the issue of inequality arises.
I believe that men and women have an equal ability to perform any work and now people are living in the world where men and women have equal opportunities.
First, it is wrong that men are smarter than women. I strongly disagree with this because there are a lot of women that are very smart and very successfull in their professional career. For example, the owner of the world's highest level of intelligence is a woman. Clever and beautiful, writer, journalist and playwright named Marilyn Vos Savant. ( Guiness). Or German Chancellor Angela Merkel for several years was the most powerful woman in the world by Forbes in 2010 and only conceded this place Michelle Obama. A physicist by training, Merkel in 1989 became a member of the "Democratic Awakening", then joined the Christian Democratic Party, and soon topped it. In 2005, she led it to victory in the parliamentary elections and became the leader of Germany.( Forbes) Another sample is Hillary Clinton, who is considered as a strong and wise politician. It is great example of women, largely surpassing her husband, even if he - the president of the country. Hillary Clinton - wife of Bill Clinton, the 42nd President of the United States. Political analysts believe that Hillary Clinton, as the wife of the president, led a political program in which every move was planned very well. This allowed her to create her political career. By the way, Hillary Clinton became the first in the history of the United States of the former First Lady, who took over as secretary of state.( http://www.whitehouse.gov) But why do we need to choose who is smarter? We can not weigh the brains of man and woman and then decide who is smarter. Mind- is the value, that is not quantifable, it is either there or it is not. To summorize, it can be concluded that neither men are smarter than women, nor women smarter than men. People need to learn how to use common knowledge and opportunities for their own good and stop to arguing who is smarter.

Second, it is wrong that women need to work only at home and they need to take care of their family, not to think about their career. It’s well known that household chores usually fall to women, as well as child-care and looking after elderly relatives. But if woman prefer part-time jobs because they suit to her lifestyle or if you do not put in extra hours, because she have responsibilities elsewhere (but her male colleagues do) — these are factors that will affect on career progression and salary.( Equality At Work For Women: Is This As Good As It Gets? Forbes Frieda Klotz 12/16/2011)

Household responsibilities of women limit their possibilities in the labor market and cause lower salary. After that women become dependent on their husband's salary, and this leads to the division of labor within the family. As the best -paid jobs have only men, then , even working women are economically dependent on their husbands . Hense the stereotype: one who earns less - compensates for this large amount of work at home. Therefore women are encouraged to marry as a way to permit their financial problems .This wrong opinion arises since childhood. Parents tell their daughters that