Why is it important to understand significant moments Essay

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Hi I am Daisy Buchanan and I am here today to talk to you about my opinion on why people may think it is important to understand significant moments. I however do not agree with this statement. Personally I believe that people should just live in the moment and forget about the past so it doesn’t drag you down in the future. I don’t see the point in dwelling on what happened and have it affect the way you live your life. Just do you, and live your life the way you choose and make a routine of closing and opening chapters in your life.
Now although I am quite against the statement, there is a person who changes my view on the topic. This person changes my views on everything, and he makes me a better person. His name is Gatsby. Gatsby is a man who I had fallen in live with 5 years ago and haven’t stopped loving him. Gatsby is the only reason that I would think any differently on this subject.
He is the only person who could change my opinion because of our past. Five years ago Gatsby and I were crazy in love; we wanted nothing more than to be with each other. Unfortunately Gatsby came from a poor home, and although I didn’t care for his money he felt that he needed to pamper me and give me everything I wanted, it was like he couldn’t be with me unless he knew he could support me and give me the security he thought I wanted. So he couldn’t be with me anymore because he couldn’t provide for me and then he would get rich and when he became successful he would come find me