Essay about Bully: Bullying and Real Life Situations

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At this point, what issue would you like to explore, and why? In what ways does this issue connect to your own values and concerns, and why is this significant? What elements of this issue interest you the most, and why? How would you go about researching this issue?
At the moment I am interested in bullying as my topic since it’s clearly one of the problem in schools this days involving students. I want to understand how and where bullying arises, how some kids turn up to be this mean bully who inflicts pain on another for whatever reason. This unwanted behavior tends to repeat over time. In my opinion, I think bullies don’t even realize what they are doing is wrong since I was quite a bully myself back in elementary, and not a moment in my mind was I wrong, maybe because nobody tried to stop or prevent me from doing it which made it seem ok. What was my reason? Was I bored and decide to bully for the sake of killing time? Or did I just find it satisfying doing it? All that ended when I was bullied in return and realize what an asshole I was. Not long after that I began to mature a little, because of certain things that I’ve seen and experienced, and I befriended the people I used to bully and to my surprise they held no grudge on me and became my best friends throughout high school even when I moved to USA. Just some of the things I am curious to know. What is a bully thinking when they hurt someone? What/How do witness feel, think or react when they see bullying? The