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President Barack Obama's Legacy

President Barack Obama is definitely to be admired; he is the first African-American president of the United States. Obama will be remembered as a president who made the changes he could with the administration he was given. I admire him because Obama was able to organize Obama Care (PPACA) for the American people, pull our troops out of Iraq and plan to protect our environment, things that our American leaders have been striving to do for decades.

Barack Obama has worked hard so every American could have patient protection and affordable healthcare. Obama truly cares about the well being of the American people, showing a compassionate nature few politicians ever care to display. Not only has Obama made life easier for Americans today, the plan he devised, the new health care plan allows for funds to be put towards paying off America's ever-growing debt. This part of the plan considers future Americans and the concerns of the next generation. Not only has Obama improved the American quality of life in the US, he has sought to improve that of our troops in Iraq by returning them to America, their home country.

During President Bush's administration our troops were in a war with Iraq. Many Americans have seen the war as pointless, wishing for our troops to come home. President Obama promised the American people during his campaign that he would end the war with Iraq and return our troops home. This promise was kept. The withdrawal of troops was one of President Obama's most applauded accomplishments so far, especially for those families who had members stationed in Iraq. I have friends that have family in Iraq, and I am especially grateful for this, and I know for certain that they are too. If it were not for our President we might still be heavily involved in Iraq today. President Obama has made significant improvements to environmental protection as well, proving his commitment to not only America’s future, but also the world’s future.

Obama noticed that our treatment of the environment was detrimental. The American people can no longer ignore the fact that global warming is a worsening issue and measures must be taken to deal with it, so Obama took it upon himself to create a plan to improve our environment. This plan is known as The National Ocean Policy. By the completion of this policy, Obama has created jobs, works toward protecting our environment, and saves our country money.