Why the moon travels Essay

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An Irish Travelers tale
Pavee Tairing - Why the Moon travels.
In a time long ago when the earth was young and the days were kind the moon used to visit. When it did it took the form of a beautiful lady. She was lovely and fair, with skin like fresh snowflakes and hair like the softest silk. Charming and alluring she was a light unto herself and took to being kind to those of the earth. She guided many at night by borrowed some of the light of day, making sure that none would ever lose there way, as they travelled near or far from home.
Once, during her time on earth she met and fell in love with a handsome Pavee. There love was wild, warm and daring enough to charm even the stars from the heavens. She sworn him to secrecy though, as mortal men were not meant to have love affairs with those of Eternity. For many years she visited earth once a month and met with the travelling Pavee in the silence and wonder of the night.

In time though the handsome Pavee grew boastful and full of pride, so much so he once told some friends of the beautiful lady of the moon, that it was he, she had chosen for a lover and friend. Of course his own friends did not believe him so he decided, he would show them. Secretly, when next the moon visited, the handsome Pavee allowed his friends to catch a glimpse of her. The moon though, in her ageless wisdom knew he had lied and discovered his friends. So shocked and upset was the moon that she went back to the sky and hide herself in the