Why Zoos Are Beneficial

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Zoos are Beneficial By:Zion Dyer Bippus The Interview Apparently, some people think zoos are a bad thing. I beg to differ. In my opinion zoos are mostly good than bad. First of all, I do understand when people are against zoos. I know those people are kind of an animal lover. I am too. Even though I’m going with zoos, doesn’t mean I don’t care about animals. With this, I hope I can stand with my point with these topics. About Zoos, Protection, For The People, and Do You Agree. All you need to do is kick back, relax, and read the paper. I hope you’re on my side and stay with that. About Zoos I think zoos protect animals as much as possible, and they do it well. Zoos protect animals more than just leaving the animals out in the wild in my opinion. They want to give the animals …show more content…
Zoos are now required to either get animals from other zoos, or through specialist captive breeding. I know the word you are looking at, is captive. They have to be captive or they might be interrupted by another animal and get hurt. Also, people intentional destruction of animal’s habitats pushes many species beyond their ability to survive. So, we need to keep those animals in the zoo so they don’t get hurt anymore. One more thing, when you go in the zoo and look at the animals you have to pay. When you pay the zoo manager that manager can keep that money, save up, and buy an expansion to the animals’ habitats, and even just a better habitat to fit the animal. Zoo Protection Zoo’s protection to animals is a big thing. How much do zoos protect animals to be more healthy? A lot. That’s why I’m here to tell you how much zoos protect animals. Hopefully