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Why I Write
I can still remember the excitement I had for English class every day. Growing up, I was head over heels in love with writing. I could write anything, from scary short stories to haikus. Fiction writing was my favorite in English class. I enjoyed writing about make believe because there are no restrictions and I did not have to think inside the box. I had a very creative and abstract imagination growing up. In elementary school, I was the girl with glasses and who always brought a journal to recess. While my classmates enjoyed a game of soccer, I sat under the big oak tree lost in thought. With my journal and worn down pencil by my side, I felt invincible. Writing always comforted me as child, because it was an escape from reality. It took my mind off of worries and doubts and filled my head with joyful thoughts. I enjoyed the freedom the paper and pencil gave me. I felt that I could write anything, and would not be judged for it. It was a way to comfortably express myself because I was not restricted on my creativity.
As I reached my middle school years, my love for writing gradually decreased. Writing became more of a tedious chore for me because of the crazy demand for perfection. Teachers were handing me rubrics in hope for me to create the perfect essay. The high need for perfection I started to feel in middle school made second guess the whole idea of writing. When I was in elementary school, I was taught to express myself genuinely. I would write and write without fearing it wasn’t good enough. As time went on and teachers became more demanding, I was so bewildered on why perfection got mixed in with writing. Writing is supposed to be from the heart, and full of great passion. The restrictions on the papers I have to write now are the reasons why I do not love writing, as much as I did when I was younger.
As the love for my paper and pencil waned, a new passion grew. Right at the same time I fell out of love with writing, I put my paint brush to work. Yes, painting took over my passion for writing, because it gave back the liberating