Witness and Forensic Science Essay

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6.08 Biochemistry

1. What specific topic did you choose to research and evaluate? Forensic Science

2. List the resources that you used in your research of your topic. http://aafs.org/students/student-career/what-do-forensic-scientists-do http://www.myforensicsciencedegree.com/25-surprising-facts-about-forensic-science/


Describe, in a few paragraphs, the biotechnology that you researched. How is it currently being used and/or what are the hopes for its use in the future? Forensic science is used now in crime scenes. Forensic science allows us to collect data and analyze it to find information that we didn’t already know. In a crime scene this is use to see who was there and who committed the crime. Forensic science is the second best for finding out who committed the crime, a eye witness is always better but also comparing the eye witnesses story with what the evidence tells us always help insure the witnesses story. Bomb explosions or gunshots leave a unique physical trace behind after it goes off ad scientists have been able to analyze this and find out more about who might of done it. But before now if someone was to release a potent gas in a large crowd they could walk away and almost never be traced back to him. Recent improvements in forensic science have allowed scientists to trace the origin of a deadly chemical by analyzing its impurities. So in the future of forensic science there will be improvements in how to