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PSY 1503
APIRL 29, 2015

Women Psychology Thoughts, feelings, and things Question 4 chapter 1
It appears when researching the definitions of emotions and nature considering in the text book the “alphas bias” and philosophies they associate women with these elements and men with reason and civilization (Etaugh, Bridges, pg.3). I see women as being associated with being humane, while I see men as being associated with creating religion (something like emulating a synthetic illumination of being humane). Humane to me is to be intuitive. Does this confirm the statement my professors made about women being the default? Is it not true that humanity or being humane came before religion? The creation of religion seems to me has created through organizational and interpersonal power that an individualistic style person or group of people have used to control and to create an imbalance over other people or groups that are communal or possibly ones that had harmony flowing between individualistic and collective (Etaugh, Bridges, pg.17). Gender refers to the social identity of men and women. It cannot be understood at the level of individual (Long 2011). Seems to me that “power-to” is associated to women’s characteristics and that “power-over” is associated with men. So men seen that woman are communal so we give it to them, but with the twist of a man’s control and under man’s