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Pre Lab write-up

PURPOSE: The purpose of the lab is to observe phase changes of water and to produce a heating curve from the recorded data. Students will be able to calculate the joules of heat added to the water at various points.
1. turn the hot plate on to a medium/high heat setting.
2. Weigh a clean 150mL beaker. (record mass)
3. Fill beaker with 2/3 of ice and add ½ inch with water.
4. Weigh beaker again and record mass.
5. Subtract to find the mass of the ice and water.
6. Place a stirring rod and a thermometer into the beaker. Remember to keep the thermometer in the liquid at all times. DO NOT use the thermometer for stirring and DON’T let it touch the beaker. Use stirring rod only for stirring
7. Once the thermometer has been in the mixture for 2 minutes take the first temperature and record it and from here on out record the temperature every minute. And continue to stir.
8. After you take the first reading place the beaker with ice mixture onto the hot plate and continue to stir and record temperature.
9. Continue to take data until the water comes to a boil for 5 minutes. Expand data 2 table if needed.
10. Once done turn off the hot plate and dry and put away all materials in there correct spots
11. Wash and dry beaker
12. Clean and dry counter
13. Graph you heating curve based on table 2

-150mL beaker
-stirring rod
-hot plate -scale