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Project Management
Assignment 1.1
Work Ethics In any project team or even a team for that matter it is crucial to team success that there is trust amongst the group. It is extremely hard to work on project if the people you are working with, you don’t trust or they don’t trust you. Some things that could happen or occur would be getting cut out of the project, not even having an opportunity to work with the project because the team members don’t trust you to get the work done or don’t trust that you’re capable of doing the work, either way the trust is lost. One other scenario that could play out would be, always being looked after or being monitored, your team members constantly reviewing your work or telling you to keep making changes to what you have because they’re not trusting your work. Trust would another huge factor in a business sense as well, lets’ face it you’re not going to hire a company to build you house because you don’t trust them. Many companies get repeat business from the same customers because they have trust in them that the work they are requesting and paying for is going to get done. One way that businesses and companies develop trust with their customers is through contracts and agreements. This is usually formal but can also be informal depending upon the request and type of work being performed and also the company, either way it outlines the expectations of the customer and the deliverable or deliverables of the company or business. When both parties agree to the contracts and agreements they are forming trust into one another, the company is trusting the customer that their demands and requests are within reason and obtainable and on the other hand the customer is trusting the company to deliver what they say they will and be able to provide quality goods. After establishing a relationship and forming trust from one another there is usually a likely hood of repeat services and becoming a preferred user. When working with any contract job there needs to be a sense of honor, integrity, and communication. It’s important that you honor yourself and the work you are going to do and the work you are currently performing, it just shows that your invested and committed to your work and going to put your best effort and believe in the work you’re doing and looking to provide quality. Integrity is important because in most work scenarios there are plenty of ways to take short cuts and just do enough to get by, but having integrity means always