Workplace Communication Assignment Essay

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Workplace Communication Assignment
AC 1.1
Explain why clear and effective communication is essential in the workplace.
Clear and effective communication is essential in the workplace, it is a skill that is learnt and is effectively passed on but more importantly understood to achieve a common goal efficiently. It allows managers and employees to share vital information which is essential to the company’s success. Effective communication prevents barriers from forming amongst employees which would inevitably impede on the overall success of the business.

Using qualitative and quantitative information correctly within the workplace will allow the business to grow and enable it to achieve common goals not only promptly but right first time. Quantitative information is measured in quantifiable data such as time, money and resource as where qualitative information is based more on whether something is fit for purpose such as quality of tools, materials, fixings etc. With both of these combined in a clear and effective manner and communicated throughout the business, the business will no doubt achieve great success.

I use clear and effective communication every working day as a Supervisor; this in turn allows me to achieve my daily, weekly and monthly targets. It also promotes workforce coherence and an understanding of what is required on a daily basis. Below is my example of how I have effectively communicated within the workplace to achieve a common goal.

A contract that was worth over £500,000 was scheduled for completion during December 2014, this particular product had not been built in 5 years, all build fixtures and jigs had been disposed of and the majority of fixings had also been discontinued. It was essential that I used very clear and effective communication and that it was understood to the word. I had no time for failures to occur as the completion deadline was critical to the end of year figures. I had to communicate with a wide range of individuals from different departments within the company and also external companies.