Non-Verbal Communication Is More Effective Than Verbal Skills in the Workplace Essay example

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Non-Verbal Communication Is More Effective Than Verbal Skills in the Workplace

We live in this global world which is full of different kinds of people. Where we work together, play together and certainly live together as well. With respect to personal lives, we need people and a person need us for various kinds of jobs and assignments like comfort, security love and most importantly is friendship. On the other, in context to work environment, we need people in order to achieve organizations objectives and goals, which are impossible without any mean of communication. Thus communication plays an important role that ties us together. Our needs, our feelings, our ideas, our wants are tied through form of communication. The better we will
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Through this means of nonverbal communication, person can emphasize, punctuate, reinforce and most importantly enliven communication with different use of its different methods. Nonverbal communication as a useful tools helps organization to make convinced that messages are effectively shared and received by employees. As a result this action helps workplace to create shared meaning within individuals. When so ever there is any mismatch between verbal and nonverbal communication, it is believed that nonverbal communication is more to be perceived by receiver. For example; a person tells his colleague that he is feeling well but the facial expression, anxiety from his face and body language doesn’t support his statements then other person will not believe his words and just pretend that he is not feeling good. No matter what for good or bad, nonverbal communication is strong tool to find out either that message delivered is valid or invalid. Thus this means of communication can help or haunt you. Most importantly, this source of communication can easily be distinguished with the power it has which can affect the outcome of communication.

Finally concluding the essay we can say that; an employee can manage and deal in practicing with nonverbal communication in order to deliver message more effectively or use mix words to make communication no trustworthy. So why not use nonverbal communication and