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The Great Dying This was the demographic collapse of Native American societies. They lived near the pre- Columbian Western Hemisphere, and had no immunity to the Old World diseases. The Europeans brought these diseases and caused a dramatic fall in populations.
Columbian exchange A massive native mortality in which created a labor shortage in the Americas. The Columbian Exchange brought slaves including plants and animals to the Americas. This caused the Americas to reshape the world economy and develop a lasting network of communications and trade along the four continents of the Atlantic Ocean.
North American Fur Trade Began among the pre- Columbian Era, when trading was the start of the New World, and animal fur was the most important product to show a new kind of fashion. Because of the North American For Trade, the Native people became involved with the global market for the first time. This soon ended in 1840, because the Europeans had too much aggression to beaver fur and caused a shortage in animals.
Has been part of Russia since the 17th Century, and consists of almost all of North Asia. Russia wanted to expand and so Siberia contained furs and did not represent a threat. Siberia also had no immunity to the Old World diseases due to their trades with Europe.
Peninsulares were full born Spanish men and women from Spain, Mestizos were Spanish and Native Americans, and Mulattos were Spanish and African Americans. Mulattos and Mestizos provided most of the urban skilled workforce and supervisors of industries, due to their mixed race. There was also a social hierarchy in which the Peninsulares were at top the it was the criolles, Mestizos, natives, Mulattos, zambos, then blacks.
The Turkic word for “tribute,” that was used in Imperial Russia to designate fur tribute exacted from the indigenous peoples of Siberia. Refers to the fur tax that the natives of Siberia were forced to pay to the tsarist government of Russia.
Peter the Great of Russia Born in 1672, died in 1725. He centralized government, modernized the army, created a navy and increased the subjugation and subjection of the peasants. He was the Emperor of Russia until his death.
St. Petersburg Founded in May 27, 1703. It is the city and subject of Russia by Peter the Great. It is a major European cultural center as well as a major port system on the Baltic Sea.

Akbar The Mughal Emperor from 1556 until his death. He was born in October 14, 1542. He was the third and greatest ruler of the Mughal Dynasty in India. Akbar established a centralized system of administration throughout his empire and adopted a policy of conciliating conquered rulers through marriage and diplomacy. Liked art, culture, and literacy.
6th Mughal emperor in1658 until his death. He was a notable expansionist making the Mughal Empire expand to its great extent, and make the empire the wealthiest during his time. When the he died, so did the end of the Mughal Empire.