Essay on World Poverty

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Facing Global Poverty More than three billion people live off of $2.50 a day, which isn’t even enough money to buy a half gallon of milk in America. Many lives are affected and drastically changed by poverty and our current response is inadequate. We need to update our current solution to one that will face the main issue, the lack of education. By combining forces with other countries and organizations, we will see a reduction in the amount of impoverished people. A main way that poverty is manifested is through lack of education. Without education from an early age, or even as an adult, people will be unknowledgeable about certain things that they will most likely need to survive, such as having sustainable agriculture. As adults, they may not be able to attain jobs because they do not meet certain basic skill requirements like being literate and being able to write. Without a job, people have no money to buy food and support their family along with themselves. Education also teaches people about their bodies, so birth rates would be lower, thus creating smaller families which are easier to sustain. There are many ways that this lack of education can be changed. Schools and classes can be put in place in poor areas with the help of donations, volunteer work, and government funds. Large corporations have helped after disasters such as the tsunami of Japan in 2011, which is a great example for the assistance they could give to educate the poor. Religious