World War II 2 Essay

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World War II – 2
Essential Question: How did World War II change the lives of people at home in different countries? 1. Germany invaded the ________________ Union in 1941 even though the Soviets and the Nazis signed a non­________________ pact. Eventually Hitler ________________ most of Europe. Many Europeans resisted Hitler in ________________” armies and helped the ____________when they liberated their countries. The Holocaust
2. To the Nazis, all _____________ people were evil and needed to be destroyed. In January 1942, Nazi leaders met to determine the "_____________ solution of the Jewish question." Although Jews had been
_____________prior to this time, it was during the ________________ Conference that plans were made to round up Jews throughout ________________ and take them to concentration camps and
________________ camps. 3. The United States fought __________ separate campaigns during the war: the war in ________________ and the war in the ________________. World War II pulled the United States out of the Great
________________. During World War II, automobile factories in the United States switched to
________________ production. The ________________ for war­time products led to an increase in
________________work, and the economy began to prosper. American ________________ went into the work force in large numbers, best represented by "________________ the Riveter." Women began to take jobs in factories to ________________ the men who were overseas. 4. The U.S. government ________________ certain items. There was a ________________ availability of certain goods because the demand for raw materials and supplies created ________________. Each household received a book of ration ________________ to use to purchase items such as