World War I and United State Essay

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Prior 1914 when war erupted in 1914, the US had followed neutrality and noninvolvement in European. Was the United state really neutral? By the time, developments in transportation and communication brought United State enter the Great war. There were many different reasons for this. But trading with Europe eventually brought American into World War I. World War I had had led America to biggest change in society. In addition, it led to a shift in U.S. foreign policy away from neutrality to involvement in world affairs.

War broke out in Europe in 1914, the United State attempted to remain neutral. Isolationism, it advocated non involvement in European and Asian conflict in interventional politics. The United State was supposed to remain as contented neutral country by holding the tradition of Washington and Jefferson. In his Farewell Address, President Geoge Washington had advocated noninvolvement in European wars and politics. because the United States had just won war for independence. Also, the new country was relatively small and weak. Foreign policy was best made by neutrality. It was successful because the expanse of the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans had made it possible to being neutrality and remain from the conflicts. Notwithstanding, during World War I, however president Woodrow Wilson made a case for United State neutral, but it wasn't successful until 1917, the United state was drawn into the war again by the case for U.S Intervention in conflict and United State interested in maintain a peaceful word. According to document 4, january 22,1917 in the Woodrow Wilson-speech to the United State Senate. " …Neutrality is no longer feasible or desirable where peace of the world is involved and the freedom of its people.." His goal was "make the world safe for the democracy" by " a war to end war" He wanted the American would be impartial and peaceful and by some development had motivate behind Wilson's decision to enter Word War I.

Even though American had been out of World War I. We had traded with nation involved in the war. In 1915 Germany used submarines to stop trade between the Allies and the United States. According to the document 3, the U-boat depicted in the cartoon technology of submarine, the Germany U-boat would sink enemy ship in the war zone. In addition,the sinking ship in the cartoon represent the Lusitania was sunk without warning by German U-boat and American citizens were died. Wilson insisted that the America as a neutral nation had the right to trade with nation at war and to send its civilian on ships into war zone. He was defending the principle of freedom of the sea. In 1917, President Woodrow Wilson went to Congress to ask for declare war on