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1) I have met the prerequisites for this course and I feel that I am prepared for English 100. I am at an advantage because I have already taken this class last year. I know what is expected and what this course is about.
2) It was not difficult for me to obtain the two books needed for the course. I am able to comprehend the contents within the two textbooks. I know this because I opened the books, skimmed through several pages, and read a couple. Reason being, I plan on staying in this course and succeeding. I do not care about getting a full refund on the books, also, do not intend on quitting.
3) I am able to do well at fixing what needs to be fixed, as far as my drafts, with the help of my peers and professor. Basic grammar and punctuation are the two things I know I am great at. As well as organizing ideas for essays, brainstorming, and proper structure. However, although I have many strengths, I also have weaknesses. One being that when it comes to in-class writing, it is as if I have writer’s block syndrome. The ideas I have are well organized in my little head, but I get stuck while writing it down on paper. Even if I had resources to teach me how to cite resources, I would still cite them wrong. Though, when demonstrating studying skills, and different ways to success in college, I believe I am sufficient enough to get by. Each day I learn from others and my own mistakes, so different skills and strategies come up in situations such as these.
4) The deadline